Our Story

Burdash Bikinis is a female founded, handmade swimwear brand known for their unique & fearless swimwear designs. Founder, Caitlyn Burdash started Burdash Bikinis in 2020 from her college apartment and has since then been featured in Clutch Magazine, WSVN Deco Drive, Her Campus, Storey, and FSU’s Jim Moran College of Enterpreneurship.

Burdash Bikinis strives to celebrate the beauty of a free-spirited woman who loves herself in her own skin. We believe in salty hair, sandy toes, and sun-kissed smiles. Every Burdash Bikini is created with the soul intention that every time you step into your swimwear, you step into your most radiant and beautiful self. With every new collection, we hope to inspire gratitude and true self-love in your heart.

All my love and gratitude XOXO,

Caitlyn Burdash

“Burdash Bikinis has become a manifested reality and I can truly say I am living my dream.
Growing up on the sunny beaches of South Florida, an endless collection of bikinis is a must. The love I have for the beach and for the limitless of personal style is what sparked my vision for Burdash. There is a brightness in all the women who wear Burdash Bikinis which ultimately keeps my love for this business strong. I know you will love your Burdash Bikini and I can’t wait to see how confident and beautiful you’ll feel.”