The Burdash Story

Burdash Bikinis exhibits innovative and fashion forward designs with handmade execution by founder, Caitlyn Burdash. Hand-crafted from start to finish, sketches lead to patterns, then each final product is sewn meticulously with love and care. Caitlyn’s creativity and passion for design speak effortlessly through her original collections.


“Burdash Bikinis has become a manifested reality and I can truly say I am living my dream.
Growing up on the sunny beaches of South Florida, an endless collection of bikinis is a must. The love I have for the beach and fashion is what sparked my dream to create the perfect bikini. There is a brightness in all the women who wear Burdash Bikinis which keeps my love for this business strong. I am continuing to expand my designs and am excited to finally showcase my dress designs on top of bikinis! I know you will love your Burdash Bikini and I can’t wait to see how confident and beautiful you’ll feel.”


Caitlyn Burdash, Founder